There are simple steps you can take using AnyMeeting to increase attendance in your Webinars:

Step 1:  Complete your Public Profile.  

Your Public Profile is a great place to show your upcoming webinars and is easy to link throughout your social media pages or send out in campaign emails.

You can see our own profile here: and how we promote our upcoming webinars.

See our guide:  How to show your webinars in your Public Profile

Step 2:  Use a Registration Page.  

If all you do is send out a link to your webinar, your attendees are not committed.  Using a Registration page you are asking your attendees to sign up and commit.  Additionally you are able to configure reminder emails when you create your Registration page.

Your Registration page is also branded if you set up your photos.  Click on Manage Photos under Account.

You can add a registration form at any time.  Navigate to the webinar by clicking the title:

Next, fill in the fields you want on your form.

Once complete you can Invite attendees and they will be sent the link to Register.   Or you can post the Registration URL to social media etc...

Step 3:  Record your webinar

Recording your webinar allows you to follow up with those that did not attend and reach even more people who did not register or know about your webinar.

See our guide on How to share your Recording


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